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Sample Thesis Statements

Some Sample Thesis Statements Taken from Student Proposals

Read carefully each sentence below. If the sentence meets the criteria for a successful thesis, place a check next to it. If not, briefly explain why it fails.

Although seen as a form of entertainment, pornography is a killer in more ways than one.

Obesity is quickly becoming an American epidemic.

In this article, Goodman, an entrepreneur, points out the many benefits of using biodiesel fuel and how biodiesel will help the United States in many ways.

Seasonal Affective Disorder is a problem that we face, but in many cases it could be treated through the understanding of symptoms, which individuals are prone to it, and through education.

The demarcation in science as separated from governmental institutions created a negative portrayal of science in western education and a true portrayal of science would enhance western understanding of the inherent cultural, social, political, and religious influences.

Speaking on behalf of scholars and average Americans, I will show how copyright extension hurts the American public in some of the worst possible ways.

Studying music boosts intelligence, sparks creativity, and increases one’s ability to focus, ultimately increasing overall scholastic performance.

One might be surprised to find that the increasingly popular vegetarian lifestyle consistently shows lower cancer rates than people that have a diet consisting mainly of meat.